Tuesday , September 22 2020

[Sloved] Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Does Not Pair

If you are trying to pair your Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and it returns errors like; “Unable to pair” (Unable to pair), “Reset the band and try again” (Reset the band and try again) or “Connect to the app to update” (Connect to the app to update).

These types of errors usually occur when performing a factory reset or even when the bracelet is first connected to the phone. But causes can be quite varied, the manager app and Bluetooth may be causing incompatibilities or due to the user’s own lack of experience at the time of configuration.

We don’t know the concrete solution, but we can give you some tips for you to try to solve these problems. Remembering that these alternative solutions can be used in all versions of the Xiaomi Mi Band. Without further ado, let’s go to our tutorial.

Solution 1: Restarting the Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Rebooting a device is always indicated for any type of error in your system. As we don’t know which one or which function is preventing the pairing from proceeding, the most correct thing would be to have the system reboot on both.

  1. Restart the phone normally, then do the same with the Band;
  2. To restart the bracelet, go to “More”, “Settings” and then tap “Restart”;

With that, any error that is attributed to software will be solved. If you have already done this, try the other tips. After these steps, try a new pairing and see if it resolved, if not, continue with the reading.

Solution 2: Pairing the Mi Band 4 correctly

The way to properly pair the Mi Band 4, is through the free Mi Fit app.


  • The Mi Band 4  can be connected directly to the phone ‘s Bluetooth. If you have done so, you will need to remove it and then follow the correct steps below.

  1. To pair with the Mi Fit app, open the app on your phone;
  2. Touch the “+” icon at the top and select Bracelet;
  3. When the Mi Band 4 vibrates, tap to confirm;

Solution 3: Removing the Mi Band 4 from Bluetooth (Unpairing)

Even if you do not have to pair the Mi Band directly with the Bluetooth phone, we will try to solve the problem by removing the current connection, by performing the steps below:

  1. Go to the Settings menu on your phone and tap Bluetooth;
  2. In the list of connected devices, look for the Mi Band;
  3. Touch the “Gear” icon on the Android phone or “(i)” on the iPhone / iPad;
  4. Select Unpair and confirm to finish;
  5. Finally, restart the device and make a new connection with the Mi Fit app;

Solution 4: Unpairing the Mi Band 4 from the Mi Fit app

If you have paired the bracelet with the Mi Fit and the error continues to appear, you may need to disconnect it. The procedure of removing the Mi Band 4 from the application may even resolve the situation. See how:

  1. Open the Mi Fit app on your phone;
  2. Touch Profile followed by the name of your band;
  3. Scroll down and tap Unpair;
  4. Restart the devices and connect again with Mi Fit;

Solution 5: Clear Mi Fit cache and data

Mi Fit is the application that receives data sent by Mi Band 4. With it, the user can view and manage various functions of the bracelet. Because of this, someone may be preventing the bracelet from connecting with the app. Maybe cleaning up the Mi Fit cache and data can solve the problem.

But, by doing this, only the settings made in the app will be removed and you will have to customize it again. Remember that sleep data, BC and others will not be lost, will be synchronized again after pairing with the bracelet. That said, follow these steps:

On Android:

  1. Enter your phone’s Settings;
  2. Select Manage apps and tap the Mi Fit app icon;
  3. Touch Storage and clear all data and cache;

On iOS:

  1. Go to Settings, scroll down, select Mi Fit;
  2. Tap on “Clear temporary data on next startup”;
  3. Then restart your phone;

Other solutions

These are simple tips that can save your day. Run each one of them and whenever you finish, check if the problem has been fixed or not.

Charge the Mi Band 4 battery:

It may be that, due to the low battery level, the Mi Band 4 is unable to connect with the phone or with the Mi Fit. Knowing this, make sure the bracelet is fully charged.

Update the Mi Fit app:

Open the Play Store on your phone, tap the Menu, My apps and games and tap the “Update” button next to the Mi Fit app. Follow the same steps if your device is an iOS.

Note: Also update any applications that are pending, it may be that these apps are causing some conflict on the device.

Uninstall and reinstall Mi Fit :

Many Mi Band users have suggested that uninstalling the Mi Fit app from the phone helped them pair it. Basically, you need to uninstall and then install it again on your phone.

On Android: Press and hold the Mi Fit app. Tap “Uninstall” or drag it to the trash. Then search for the app and install it again.

On iOS: Tap and hold the app icon when it is shaking, tap the “x” or select “Delete”. Then install it again.

Try to pair the Mi Band with another handset :

If the Mi Band 4 does not connect to your device, try to pair with another phone to see if the problem will persist or not. If you notice that on other devices the problem is resolved, even so, make another attempt with the first device.

Use other apps to pair :

If Mi Fit didn’t work at all, try pairing it with a similar one. In this case, we will indicate the “Notify & Fitness for Mi Band”. Install Notify & Fitness for Mi Band from the Play Store store. Open the app and grant all permissions, then add Mi Band 4 to the app.

Mi Band factory reset :

If the band is still unable to pair, try resetting it (this will not delete your synced data). To do this, install Gadgetbridge on the Play Store. Open the app and pair it with your bracelet. Then tap the three bars icon and select “Debug” and tap “Factory reset”.

Final conclusion: If you have tried all these solutions and if the problem still persists, we recommend that you look for the same information on other sites/blogs and contact Xiaomi technical support to repair, exchange or refund your money.

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