How To PS4: How To Backup, Reset and Restore

PS4: How To Backup, Reset and Restore


Do you want to reset your PS4 to factory default? If so, then you should find yourself in the following situations; wanting to start from scratch, upgrade to PS4 Pro or there is an error you are trying to fix.

Other reasons to apply a factory reset are when we are having problems testing new software updates for PlayStation or simply when we want to sell it. In any of the cases mentioned above, you can perform a factory reset to resolve any of these situations.

What does the factory reset do on PS4? It cleans your hard drive and can even remove the software from the system. There are two main ways to perform a factory reset on the Playstation 4, or you go through safe mode or the PS4 panel, which you should consider if the console is having startup problems. But before proceeding with the reset, make sure to back up your games. 

See below and at the bottom of the page, how to save your files and then restore them after performing the factory reset.

How to back up on PS4

  1. Connect the 8, 16, or 32G Pendrive to the front USB port on the console.
  2. Then go to ” Settings ” (settings) and select the “option saved application data management ” (Application Saved Data Management). Always press ” X ” to confirm a selected option.
  3. Then select the option “ Data saved to system storage ” (Saved Data in System Storage).
  4. Now select the option “ Copy to USB storage device “ (Copy to USB Storage Device). This screen will show the files that can be sent to the USB stick.
  5. Now press the “button options ” (Options) in the control and choose ” Select multiple applications ” (Select Multiple Applications).
  6. Then choose “Select All” to select all games on this screen.
  7. Then, select the option “Copy” (Copy) below to save it to the USB stick.
  8. Wait for the procedure to complete to remove the device from the UBS port.

Now that you’ve learned how to save and restore files, here’s how to reset your PS4 to factory defaults.

How to reset PS4 from the panel

When resetting your PS4 accessing through your panel, you will find two options, where the first is to return the console to the factory state, but it will not delete all data from the hard drive (this method allows you to recover the data), if already selected the second option, everything will be deleted and your PS4 will be the same as the day you left the store for the first time.

  1. First, go to ” Settings ” and then select the option ” Manage Accounts ” (Accounts Management).
  2. On this screen, select and confirm the option “ Activate as your primary PS4 ” (Activate as Your Primary PS4).
  3. Now choose ” Deactivate ” (Deactivate) confirm with “X”, again confirm with ” Yes ” (Yes) and finally, ” Ok “.
  4. Now on the controller, press the button with the “ Playstation symbol ” and select your user account (it is different from your PS4 account).
  5. Then, go to ” Settings ” and then select the ” Initialization ” option.
  6. In this screen, select and confirm in the option “ Initialize PS4 ” (Initialize PS4).
  7. In the next step, choose between the two options, Quick Erase (Quick) or Full Erase (Full).
  8. If you want to delete everything from your PS4, select the option ” Full “.
  9. Aware that this will cause all data to be erased forever, confirm in “ Initialize ” and then in “ Yes ” to establish the factory reset.

Wait for the console to restart and display the startup screen to follow the process. PS4 full reset can take up to 2 hours to complete.

How to restore files on PS4

After backing up your files to the Pendrive and resetting your console, it’s time to restore them. See all the steps below:

  1. Go to the ” Settings ” screen and select the ” Management of saved application data ” option.
  2. Then select and confirm under “ Data saved to USB storage ” (Saved Data on USB Storage).
  3. Now select “ Copy to system storage ” (Copy to System Storage).
  4. Press the ” Options ” button on the PS4 controller and confirm with ” Select multiple apps ” displayed on the left side of the screen.
  5. Then confirm in ” Select all “, select ” Copy ” and confirm in ” Yes ” to restore all marked files.

Wait for the data to be restored before using your PS4, normally again.

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