Tuesday , September 22 2020

LinConnect Smartphone Notifications on Ubuntu

LinConnect smartphone notifications on Ubuntu. Why not view incoming notifications on our mobile device even when we are comfortably seated on our PC?

Fortunately, there is software, LinConnect, which after being installed on our Android device (client) and on our PC (server) will allow us to take a look at all Facebook messages, WhatsApp, or any other notification received on the mobile / Tablet.

LinConnect smartphone notifications on Ubuntu

If we want to proceed with the software installation, we grab our Android phone.

From here, we proceed to download the free LinConnect Alpha for Linux app: for everything to go in the right direction it is necessary that the version of Android installed on our device is greater than 4.0.

After this phase, we just have to install the server and move, therefore, on our PC.

Mirroring Android notifications on a Linux desktop with LinConnect

LinConnect is a simple, fast notification mirroring application for Android and any Linux desktop. It works with almost all Android applications.


  • Extremely simple installation
  •  Integrated with the Linux desktop icon theme
  • Use LibNotify and Python for compatibility

Server download (required):


We start the terminal and from here we issue the command:

wget http://raw.github.com/hauckwill/linconnect-server/master/LinConnectServer/install.sh

followed by:

chmod + x install.sh

During the installation procedure, you will be asked whether to start LinConnec t at system startup. If we opt for “no”, we will have to start the software manually by running the command from the terminal:

python ~ / .linconnect / LinConnectServer / main / linconnect_server.py

We just have to start the software and proceed with the guided configuration of our device.

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