Windows 11: find out what’s new and how to update your system

how to update your system

Microsoft officially launched Windows 11, which promises to bring new features to the system. The software update will be made available free of charge and gradually to all users of the previous version, Windows 10.

The update brings sharp differences in design, in addition, to support for Android applications, custom widgets panel, different sounds for the system, easier integration for Microsoft Teams, and even new technologies that promise to please gamer users.

For those who want to buy new devices, with this software, like a Lenovo notebook, Samsung, and other brands or PCs that have Microsoft software, the new version of the system will be available from 2022.

But what’s new in Windows 11?

The start button, which allowed the user to open programs, is no longer found in the left corner of the screen, but in the center. The user still has full access to the dashboard to access software, communication applications such as Teams, and other functions.

The taskbar also comes with Office 365, which connects directly to the cloud, which will show you the latest files. Besides, the system also has the “Snap” technology, which allows the user to open other programs, without getting that mess, leaving them side by side, separated by tasks.

Three innovations in this new version, Windows 11, promise to make gamers happy, precisely because they considerably increase the performance of the PC or notebook to run games.

With DirectX 12 Ultimate, there are immersive graphics with high frame rates in games. There’s also Direct Storage, well known to Xbox users, which makes games load more detailed. And, last but not least, Auto HDR, which allows for a greater number of colors and resolutions.

How do I know if my PC supports the update?

For Windows 10 users, finding out if your computer is compatible with the new version is very simple – you only need a computer or a notebook and follow this step by step.

1. Download the PC Health Check program available from the Microsoft website.

two. Open the tool and click “check now”.

3. Right after that, it will show if the PC is compatible or not.

If your computer isn’t compatible, you don’t need to despair, as Windows also promised support with security updates for Windows 10 until 2025 – they just didn’t give the exact date when they will stop.

And if it’s compatible, how to update it?

If it supports the new version, you can verify that you have access to the update. See below.

1. Check the Start menu for updates.

two. In the new window, click the Check button to see if there are any new updates.

3. If Windows 11 is available, the computer will show an option to download and install the new system.

Before performing the migration to the new system, the idea is to perform a backup of your files to avoid losses during installation.

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