Smart Watch How To Setup Smart Watch A1 - Guide

How To Setup Smart Watch A1 – Guide

How to set up Smartwatch A1

The A1 Smartwatch is one of the most used smartwatches at the moment. Because it has a lot more value, many functions, and several resources, maybe that should be the reason for your sales success.

Compatible with memory cards up to 32GB, the A1 smartwatch receives notifications and messages from apps installed on the phone. Take photos remotely via the phone’s camera and also have SIM card support.

It has a Bluetooth connection to connect with other devices. However, it is necessary to use a type of application to synchronize between them. But if you think it’s over, the Smartwatch A1 has a calculator, alarm with timer, internet access (SIM card), among others.

First steps:

  • Check if the watch has enough charge, ideally above 20%.
  • Download and install the manager app on your phone.
  • Follow the instructions below to pair it with your smartphone.

Setting up the A1 Smartwatch on your phone

Setting the clock is very simple to do, we selected two apps to make the connection, if one does not work correctly, do the test with another. Here’s how to connect it to your smartphone:

Pairing with the Fundo Wear app:

Fundo Wear is the most recommended application to make the connection between the watch and the cell phone. However, if it doesn’t work or fails during the pairing process, please try the procedure with another app below.

Pairing with the Fundo Wear app

  1. Download and install the “ Fundo Wear ” app on your phone. On the ” Health and Fitness ” screen, tap the ” Start ” button.
  2. Log in to your account or if you prefer, touch the arrow above to go back and skip this step.
  3. Click ” Ok ” to access the notifications and on the screen that opens, activate the key next to the application name.
  4. Go back to the screen, click ” Ok ” to confirm the use of the permissions. Tap on “ Permissions ” and activate the apps of your preference.
  5. That done, go to the clock, touch the menu, scroll the screen, select the Bluetooth option, and activate the functions ” Power ” and ” Visibility “.
  6. Go now to the Bluetooth screen on your phone and click to search for nearby devices. In the displayed list, tap on the “A1” option and wait for the devices to pair.
  7. On the watch, tap “ Yes ” to confirm pairing. On your cell phone, check the box and then tap “ Pair ”.
  8. On the watch, tap ” Yes ” again, now to synchronize with the phone’s date and time.
  9. Soon!

Pairing with the BTSmartwatch app:

BTSmartwatch is an alternative app to pair Smart A1 with your smartphone. It has practically the same features and functionality as the Wear Fund.

Pairing with the BTSmartwatch app:

  1. On your phone, search the Play Store for the “ BTSmartwatch “ app. Open the app, accept any permissions that open on the screen.
  2. On the app’s home screen, tap “ Application switch ” and verify that the status of the “ BTSmartwatch ” option is on. This will cause notifications to be sent from the phone to the watch.
  3. On Smartwatch A1, tap on “ Menu ”, then on the Bluetooth icon and activate the feature (to change the language to Portuguese, read the instructions below).
  4. Now in the application, tap on the option “ Bluetooth pairing ” (leave the clock close to the phone).
  5. In the list of available devices, tap on “ Smartwatch “.
  6. Click ” Ok ” or ” Yes ” for all notifications that appear on the phone and watch screen.
  7. If the status has changed from “ Click to ” to “ Connected “, it means that everything is ready.

How to change the language of the Smartwatch A1?

Here are some tips for you to do after setting up your watch. So you can enjoy all its features.

How to change the language of the Smartwatch A1?

  1. From the home screen, tap the “ Menu ” icon.
  2. Scroll from right to left and touch the “ Settings ” icon (gear).
  3. Now select the option “ Phone settings ” and then tap “ Language “.
  4. Then, scroll the screen from bottom to top and select the “ Portuguese ” language.

How to enable Smartwatch A1 notifications (BTSmartwatch app)?

Now let’s learn the way to select which apps you want to be notified through the clock. Follow these steps:

  1. On your smartphone, open the smartwatch management application.
  2. On the home screen, tap “Settings” and then “ Application switch “.
  3. In the list of apps, choose and check the side box for all those you want to receive notifications on your watch.

How to read WhatsApp messages on Smartwatch A1?

You received text messages on WhatsApp, you can read all of them from the screen of your A1 smartwatch. See what to do if you want to read all of them.

How to read WhatsApp messages on Smartwatch A1

Go to the clock menu, scroll to the third screen> Touch the antenna icon with the description “ Remote notifier ”> Touch a received message> Scroll the screen to be able to read every message.

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