How To Setup ADB and Fastboot on Pc

ADB and Fastboot on Pc

If you want to embark for a new adventure within the world of modding, you need to have the tools necessary to operate on your device, in order to have total control of the same and thus perform some types of operations that require dedicated software tools, as a recovery installation and interaction with the Linux shell that is at the heart of Android.

Two of the basic tools for modding Android devices are ADB and Fastboot. They are tools that are part of the Android SDK made available by Google and that allows you to interact with your device in more depth than you could do through the interface of the same.

For example, fastboot is necessary when you need to flash the image of a recovery on your device, or to unlock the bootloader of the same. ADB, however, can be useful to copy files on the device or access the Linux shell of Android.

The installation of these two tools is different for Linux / Unix-like and Windows operating systems, but it is very simple in both cases and requires few steps to have a fully functional installation.

In order to install ADB on Windows, the methods are manifold, often also automated, but which unfortunately just as often use obsolete versions of the tools that could create some problems with new devices.

The most reliable method that allows you to always have the most updated version is to install the tools manually, by changing some parameters of your operating system.


  1. Download the latest version of the platform-tools from the Google website – download link
  2. Extract the downloaded zip package to a new folder located in C: \ and called AndroidTools
  3. Press the Windows and R keys simultaneously, and type in the box the word “control” without quotes
  4. Click on System and Security and then on System
  5. In the left side menu, click on “Advanced system settings” and then on “Environment variables”
  6. In the “System variables” section select ” Path” and click on “Edit”
  7. Click on “New” at the top and then on “Browse”. Select the folder in which you have extracted the package from the path selection menu and click on Ok until you exit the previously opened windows

That’s it, you have successfully installed the ADB and fastboot tools on your Windows PC


Surprisingly, installation on Linux and Mac requires a single command that you just need to paste into the terminal and run it to be able to install the ADB and fastboot tools.

  1. Open a terminal (on Mac you can find it inside the Utility folder) while on Linux it depends on the distribution you use
  2. Copy and paste this string onto the terminal
    bash <(curl -s<( curl - s https : //

    and send.

  3. If adb and fastboot do not work, run this command every time you want to use the two tools, copying and pasting it on the terminal: and sendingPATH=~/.nexustools:$PATH

As you have seen, the installation of ADB and Fastboot is not complex at all, and allows you to interact with your device if you want to perform any modding operation that requires the use of one of these two tools.


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