Smart Watch How To Pair IWO 12 Max Smart Watch

How To Pair IWO 12 Max Smart Watch [Android iPhone or iPad]

Pair IWO 12 Max

See how to properly pair the IWO 12 Max smartwatch on Android, iPhone, or iPad. Also, check out how to apply a factory reset to configure the IWO 12 Max on the phone. By synchronizing the IWO 12 Max with the cell phone, the user will be able to follow all the information regarding his performance.

The IWO Max is quite similar to most smartwatches in the cheapest smartwatch category. But that does not mean that it does not have quality, compared to others in the same segment, it is on the bestseller list.

With many features and functionality, the connection is usually made through the Bluetooth of both devices. The sending of physical activity data, sleep monitoring, and others, are obtained with the help of an application installed on the smartphone.

If you want to have all these features working perfectly, see below for steps to pair your watch and install the app on your phone.

Pairing the IWO 12 Max on the Android phone

1 – Turn on the watch by pressing and holding the side button for a few seconds. Select the language.

Pairing the IWO 12 Max on the Android phone

2 – Then access the menu (touch the screen or swipe from right to left) and click on “ Settings ” (gear icon).

3 – Now tap on “ BT Settings ” and activate the 2 options “ Power ” and Visibility “

4 – Done these steps, go to your phone settings and check if “ Bluetooth ” is activated.

5 – Go back to the clock menu screen, tap “ BT ” (icon with the Bluetooth symbol), and then tap the option “ Inquiry new from… “.

6 – On the ” Search for device ” screen, the model of the phone you want to pair will appear, then tap on the name.

Search for device

7 – On the phone, confirm ” Ok ” in the “Bluetooth pairing request” notification and tap ” Allow ” in the request to access your contacts.

8 – Still on this phone screen, tap the icon next to the “ T500 ” watch name (gearwheel) and activate the key for all options.

Note: If you want to change the display name of the clock, in the second image above, click on “Rename” and make the change.

Installing the activity management and monitoring application

After completing the pairing with the steps above, we will now install the application on the phone to manage, monitor, and track your daily activities.

ctivity management and monitoring application

  1. On your phone, go to the Play Store and search for the “ HiWatch “ app.
  2. Once installed, open it and tap ” Allow ” for all notifications that open on your phone’s screen.
  3. In the last opened window, activate and all keys to permit the application.
  4. Finally, tap on “ Settings ” and then click on the “ Find Device ” button. If the smartwatch sounds an alarm tone, it means that you have performed the procedure correctly.

Pairing the IWO 12 Max Smartwatch on iPhone or iPad

1 – First activate the “ Power ” and “ Visibility ” functions by going to the BT settings of the watch (images above).

2 – On your iPhone or iPad, go to ” Settings ” tap “Bluetooth” and activate the function key.

3 – Wait for the IWO 12 Max smartwatch to be found and then tap “ T500 ” to connect it to the phone.

That done, touch the “”Located next to the name“ T500 ”and on the next screen, activate the“ Show notifications “key.

Setting up the Hi Watch app on the iPhone

  1. After installing the “ Hi Watch ” application on your iPhone, open it, click “ Ok ” to give access permission via Bluetooth.
  2. Then on the next screen, tap ” Enable all categories ” and tap ” Allow ” above.
  3. On the “ Sports Watch “ tab, tap “ Tap to add device ”.
  4. In the ” Device ” section, wait for the list of found devices to load.
  5. In this list, touch the serial number of the “ T500 ” watch to complete the pairing.
  6. Go back to the “ Settings ” tab and see if the status “ T500 Connected ” appears visible, if so, it confirms that you have completed the procedure.

Activating the “Movement” function

When activating this function, every time you move to turn your arm to view the clock screen, the screen will light up automatically. If you want to enable it, just follow the steps below:


  1. Go to the watch apps screen, tap ” Settings ” or ” Settings “.
  2. Tap ” Raise Lcd on ” and click ” Open ” to activate.
How to restore the IWO 12 Max smartwatch?

If you’ve completed all the steps and still can’t connect your watch. No problem, reset it with the steps below and then repeat the procedure.

  1. Go to ” Settings ” and look for the option ” Restart / Reset “.
  2. Touch “ Restart / Reset “ again.
  3. Wait for the clock to restart and it will now be restored to its factory default.

Does the cell phone sound ringing on the clock?

  • On the iPhone just click on that antenna on top of the brightness of the screen and put the sound on the phone. Or go to the Bluetooth options and disable “call and music”.
  • On Android disable the media sound also in the Bluetooth settings.

We hope that with this tutorial, you have managed to pair your IWO 12 Max smartwatch with your smartphone.

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