Smart Watch How To Pair D20 Smart Watch - Guide

How To Pair D20 Smart Watch – Guide

Pair D20 Smart Watch

Learn how to set up the D20 smartwatch in the app to pair with your phone. Pair the Smartwatch D20 through the Fitpro app. See how to activate the main features and functions of your fitness watch.

The D20 smartwatch does not have an external charger, to charge your battery, just remove one of the bracelets and fit into a USB port. It has several sports modes, monitors blood pressure, blood oxygen, and tracks sleep.

The D20 smartwatch also uses the phone’s camera to take photos remotely and has vibration as a form of an alert. But for all of this to be possible, it is necessary to use your application so that it is paired and configured with the phone. Only then will he be ready to receive notifications and alerts.

So that you can fully use all the functions and features of your D20 smartwatch, just follow the instructions in the steps below to connect the D20 to your smartphone.

How to pair your D20 smartwatch with your phone

1 – Download and install the “ Fitpro ” app on your phone from the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.

2 – Now open the application and accept any permissions that are requested. Tap ” Skip ” to go to the next step or click “Login” to create a user account using your Facebook or Google account credentials.

3 – If you skipped the login step, tap ” Open ” to proceed.

4 – Activate the key for the app to access phone notifications and then tap “ Allow ” to accept.

5 – Now we are going to connect the watch with your phone. Turn on your D20 smartwatch, turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and keep them close.

6 – Then at the app’s initial screen, tap “ Set ” below and then tap the “ Link devices to try more features ” button.

7 – Wait for the scan and when the clock is found, touch the name of your model “ D20 “.

8 – The connection attempt process will start and in a few seconds it will be finished.

9 – Done! The status at the top of the screen or a “chain” icon on the watch indicates that the D20 and the cell phone are now paired.

Now the date and time of the clock are already synchronized with that of the cell phone. Continue reading below to complete the application setup.

How to activate D20 smartwatch notifications?

After the pairing is complete, we will now configure some functions and features in the app, so that the watch receives and sends data from your phone.

See the instructions below on how to enable notifications from your social networks, SMS, messages, and phone calls.

  1. To make changes, go to the “ Set.
  2. Tap on “ Push Message ” and on the next screen, select the apps you want to receive notifications on your watch.

Push Message

Activating the “Lift your wrist” function on the D20 smartwatch

Activating this function, the screen of the D20 smartwatch will turn on every time the user moves turning the wrist to look at the information on the watch screen.

You can also configure a period for this feature to be enabled. For example, turning off when you are in a movie theater or set a start and end time for the period you are sleeping.

However, these changes will also cause the battery charge to be consumed more. If you still want to turn it on, just follow the steps below:

  1. From the Set screen, tap on the option ” Raise your wrist to the bright screen “.
  2. In the next step, activate the resource key and define the desired times in the fields ” Start time ” and ” End time “.

Disabling all notifications on the D20 smartwatch

Let’s suppose you want to stop receiving notifications from a supposed application, just go to the “Push message” section and disable it.

However, there is a way to disable all of them to leave in “do not disturb” mode and that, without making any effort. Remembering that sound or vibration alerts will also be turned off. Check it out below!

  1. Click on the “ DND Mode ” button and activate the feature key.
  2. Once this is done, you will no longer receive notifications on your watch’s screen until it is deactivated.

How do I create alerts and reminders?

Do you want to be reminded of an appointment and a certain day and time? Then see how to set up this excellent resource to keep up to date with your future actions. So you can create alerts so that you are always notified at the exact moment.

The configuration is very simple to do, just select the date and time to be alerted immediately. Follow the steps below:

  1. At the top of the screen, tap the ” Alarms ” button to access the next screen.
  2. Then click on the “ + ” sign to open the alarm options.
  3. In the hour field, swipe up or down and select a time.
  4. Below tap to select one more days of the week and click the “ Confirm ” button to save.

Activating the sedentary alert on the D20 smartwatch

Have you ever imagined a way to be warned that you sat for a long time? We know that inactivity today is one of the biggest factors that can cause problems in our health.

We all know that moving around in certain periods would help a lot to improve our lifestyle. If you think you spend a lot of time sitting, and want to be warned about it, the solution is to activate a simple function of the application. By default, it is configured in 60 minutes, but you can make changes by looking at the steps below.

  1. Select the “ Lon sit Remember ” tab and then activate the key.
  2. In the fields indicated below, touch to change the desired time or period.
  3. Sitting time: set the time you want to be alerted.
  4. Start time and End time: Set the reminder run time.
  5. To save your changes, touch the location shown in the image below.

The tutorial showed the basic settings for using the application’s functions together with the D20 smartwatch. But if you are still in doubt, please leave us a message.

Reset D20 smartwatch

1 – From the clock’s home screen, navigate to the “ More ” option, press for 3 seconds (touch area as shown in the image below).

2 – Then, tap a few times until the screen displays the option “ RESET ” and then press and hold for 3 seconds. The clock will automatically restart and when you return to the home screen, the reset will be over.

Note: If you prefer, you can also reset the D20 through the application. Access the “SET” tab, tap the “Reset device” option, and follow the instructions on the screen.

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