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How To Install Huawei Honor 10 Firmware (Unbrick)

Instructions on how to flash the Huawei honor 10 smartphone to official or custom firmware, change the location and HwOTA firmware, unlock the bootloader on the phone and install custom TWRP recovery, install custom firmware.

Absolutely all phones from Huawei (Honor is a subsidiary of Huawei) can be flashed through the built-in recovery or through TWRP, it is an installer.

It is also possible to partially flash the firmware via Fastboot (System, Boot, Cust, Recovery), which makes it possible, for example, to restore the phone’s functionality after user intervention with ROOT rights or system failure. There are programs for installing the firmware, such as Sony Flashtool, but it is paid by DC Phoenix.

Honor 10 firmware via the standard recovery

For the Honor 10 smartphone, you can download the original firmware via the link  H10_B104_STOCK_RAMDISK (COL-L29C432B104), or any other firmware through the special firmware search program  Hw Firmware Finder,) and then copy it to the “dload” folder on the device’s internal memory. If such a folder is not found, it will need to be created.

The free space on the internal drive should be at least 8GB, if there isn’t such a lot of free memory, use an SD memory card. The card must be functional and must be at least 10 reading class.

The battery should be at least 50% charged, and best of all fully.

After the firmware has been copied to the smartphone, be sure to disconnect the USB cable from the PC, otherwise, the smartphone will enter Manufacture Mode and the installation will break by 5% or freeze by 90%. We go on the phone in the forced firmware mode. To do this, turn off the smartphone and hold down three buttons – the volume “+”, “-” and the power button.

After that, the smartphone will boot from the standard recovery and automatically begin the process of installing new firmware.

Unlocking the bootloader Huawei honor 10

Get the unlock code on the Huawei website or for a fee on other resources.

We pass to the official website by the link. In the upper right corner, click on the inscription Unlock

On the next page, you need to go through the registration procedure. Fill in all the fields and click Register.

More interesting, Many simply press further and follow the instructions, but here you must first select Register Email Address because, By default, registration by phone is selected (Asian numbers only). We select and see the human account registration window.

After successful registration, you are automatically authorized on the site and transferred to the agreement page.

Further, according to the scenario, the ideal page is where you need to enter your phone data:

In the first field, select the version of EMUI that is currently relevant for your honor 10
In the second field, do not touch anything
In the third field Product Model – On the phone, go to Settings – Scroll to the very bottom – About the phone. The very first item Model – COL-L29. I believe that the Chinese firmware says completely different, you can of course enter what is written there, but if it doesn’t work, then we write in the version like here.
In the fourth field. Serial Number – in the settings menu About phone. Left S / N: R8Q ……. This is rewritable.
In the fifth field: Again under the cover, well, or in the settings menu About phone – IMEI. But, the case is still already open, so we’ll take away IMEI1: 866 from here … … If it doesn’t fit, take IMEI2.
Sixth field: Product ID. We open the native dialer on the phone. We type the command * # * # 1357946 # * # *. We get the code – we drive it

Seventh field: Code from the image.
We check. And click COMMIT. If everything is correct, the cherished honor 10 bootloader unlock code will appear on the next page.

Enable “factory unlocking” (FRP unlocked) in the settings for developers or disable the PHONE SEARCH function from Huawei on Chinese firmware.

Download and install on PC the minimum version of ADB -setup. Open CMD in the ADB folder (command line) by pressing Shift + to right-click, select “Open command window” from the options.

Put your smartphone in Fastboot / Rescue mode and connect it to your PC. To do this, turn off the phone, hold down the volume down button, and connect the USB cable.

On the PC, in the command prompt window, enter the command


and then

fastboot oem unlock {your received code}

without signs {}.

Change location and firmware smartphone HwOTA

This method will help you upgrade to the firmware that is not yet available for installation, or roll back to the previous firmware if the update turns out to be more buggy than the previous build (Android 8 on top of Android 8 both with increasing the build of the firmware and lowering the build).

To change the location on the smartphone and flash it using the HwOTA method, it should be:

  • Unlocked bootloader or the presence of a code to unlock it (which will help to unlock it);
  • Enable the factory to unlock function in the developer’s menu (for all regions except China). In China, it is not there until the location is changed;
  • Enable the USB DEBUGGING function in the developer’s menu.
  • SD card at least 4 GB;
  • Stock recovery.

Download the HWOTA_WAS archive and unzip it on your computer. You will get the folder “HWOTA8_WAS”;

On your phone, make a backup of “everything from everything” if you can (since during the update all data will be erased). These are the conditions, so be prepared;

In the settings “for the developer” check “factory unlock” (there is no such item on the China location, but it will appear as soon as you change the location) and enable “USB debugging”;

Download three zip archives with the full “Full OTA” firmware you want to flash onto. You can download the firmware via Firmware Finder (link to the program above), there are 4 archives for China and 3 for any other location. You need to download for the version which model and location you have after the firmware.

The script will automatically rename the downloaded files to the “HWOTA \ Update” folder according to the template:
update_data_full_public.zip to update_data_public.zip

update_full_ … .zip in update_all_hw.zip

update.zip stays as it is

This method is hard-coded – so the whole variety of eu, cn, meanhaf, specseas … files need to be brought to a single view. The installation script at the very beginning will remind you of what and where to put it, it will rename it (you do not need to rename it) and patch the firmware files! Checking for service packs is disabled in Recovery, so we can install any firmware (Android 8) on our device, and I also rewrote the script: added automatic renaming of firmware files to the desired template, added automatic patching, fixed copy blocks and much more;

Launch the universal bat-file update.bat in the “HWOTA” folder, which will provide an opportunity to choose the option we need (change firmware/rebrand (change location)); At the beginning, it will ask “to patch files or not” (if patches, then you do not need to patch again)

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