Hard Reset How To Hard Reset Motorola Edge

How To Hard Reset Motorola Edge

Hard Reset Motorola Edge

Forgot your Motorola Edge password and is it locked? In this article we describe in a few steps how to format the Motorola Edge or Edge + 5G, to unlock the PIN password or design quickly.

This procedure will cause all settings to be returned to the factory defaults and consequently, everything will be deleted from the phone. You can reset the Motorola Edge on or off. But first, we advise you to follow the safety instructions below:

Security instructions:

  • Check if the battery is charged enough to carry out the process (do it with at least 30% ).
  • As everything will be deleted from the phone, we suggest that you make a backup of your files and settings, see at the bottom of the page how to do it.
  • Make a note of your Google account email and password. If using another account, remove the current one before proceeding with formatting.

Hard resetting the Motorola Edge / Edge + 5G

  1. Hang up the phone normally and wait a few seconds.
  2. Then at the same time, press and hold the Volume Minus button and the Power / Off button.
  3. Keep it this way until you enter the first menu.
  4. Here, press the Volume Plus / Minus button until you select the option “ Recovery Mode ” and then press the Power button to confirm.
  5. On the screen with the android robot lying and saying “ No command “, press and hold Power and give a quick press on the Volume Plus button.
  6. In the second menu (Android Recovery), use the Volume Minus button to highlight the option “ Wipe data/factory reset ” and then press Power.
  7. On the next screen, select and “ Yes ” and confirm by pressing Power and wait to return to the menu again.
  8. after that, just select the “ Reboot system now ” and press Power.
  9. The phone will restart and a few minutes will be formatted to the factory default.

How to Reset the Motorola Edge to its Factory Settings

Warning: All downloaded applications, user data, and phone settings will be deleted.
Remember to make a backup before performing this procedure.

To reset Motorola Edge to factory settings and erase all data on the phone follow the path below:

  1. Open the ” Settings ” menu and access the ” System ” option.
  2. Then tap ” Advanced ” and select ” Reset options “.
  3. Finally, tap on “ Erase all data (Factory Reset)”.

As soon as the phone restarts, all data will be erased, its factory setting will be restored, and it will be ready to be configured again.

How to backup to Motorola Edge and restore files?

  1. Go to the ” Settings ” tap ” System “.
  2. Select ” Backup ” and then tap ” Backup to Google Drive “.
  3. All data in your Google account will be saved online.

To restore all file data, log in to your Google account (the same one you backed up earlier). All files, contacts, and settings will be restored automatically after synchronization with your account. This procedure can also be done if the user has purchased a new device.

Note: For the data upload and restore to work correctly, the phone must be connected to the internet.

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