How To How To Connect JBL Free X headphones - Guide

How To Connect JBL Free X headphones – Guide

Connect JBL Free X headphones - Guide

Check out in this tutorial how to connect JBL Free X headphones with your cell phone. Learn how to pair the headphones using the Bluetooth connection of your Android or iOS phone.

The JBL Free X earphones have a duration of up to 10 hours of use, which provides great daily autonomy. With excellent audio quality and a design that fits our ear perfectly. Weighing only 85g, the JBL Free wireless headphones have functions for answering calls, listening to music, and other activities.

Next, we’ll show you what you need to do to connect the JBL Free X headphones with your smartphone. Also, learn how to use the headset buttons to

Pairing the JBL Free X headphones

  1. Charge the headphones completely.
  2. Activate the phone’s Bluetooth and then remove only the right phone (R) from the case.
  3. It will turn on automatically and the LED light will flash blue and white waiting for a BT connection.
  4. On the Bluetooth screen on available devices, tap on “JBL Free” to start the connection.
  5. Wait for the handset to have the status ” Connected ” in the ” My devices ” section.
  6. Then, remove the left earphone (L) from the box and wait to synchronize with the right earphone (R).
  7. After a few seconds, they will be connected and both will be paired with the phone.

How to use the buttons of the JBL Free X headphones

See the number of rings you need to make on the button on the right phone to perform the command for a certain function. In the image below, examples of how to manually pair with the BT of the phone, to Answer / End a call, use Siri and Google Now and Synchronize the handsets manually.

use the buttons of the JBL Free X headphones

Check in the next image, the main commands that can be used when pressing the left phone button. Several rings to fast forward or rewind a music track or to synchronize the left and right handsets.

synchronize the left and right handsets.

Turn off the headphones manually: Press and hold the button for 5 seconds, this action will disable either the right or the left earphone.

Automatically turn off the headphones: Simply place the headphones in the charging case. This will also cause them to turn off and disconnect from the phone’s Bluetooth.

The charging time and use of BL Free X headphones are slightly less than in Xiaomi Airdots headphones that only need 1.5 hours to charge and 12 hours of continuous use, as it takes 2 hours for a full charge from a zero load. But when it comes to general durability, JBL headphones give quality bathing to many competitors.

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