How To How To Configure Xiaomi Wifi Repeater

How To Configure Xiaomi Wifi Repeater

configure Xiaomi Wifi repeater

In this tutorial, we will explain how to set up the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro and Mi Wi-Fi Repeater 2 wifi repeater to amplify the signal of your home or business wireless network. The process of setting up the device is very simple to do, just follow a few steps and in a few everything will be ready.

The range of the wi-fi signal inside your home will depend a lot on the distance where the router is installed. Even so, some factors collaborate to obstruct the signal, walls, and even electronics that can cause problems. The solution is to buy a more powerful router (which will consequently be more expensive) or avoid staying in spaces where there is no connection to your w-fi.

An inexpensive way to get an increase in the wi-fi signal is to use a repeater to zoom in and throw it a few meters forward.

They are easily found in physical or virtual electronics stores. The most common are the ones we use plugged into the outlet. But some look like a USB stick, these models can be connected to an adapter or device that has a USB port or port. Our guide can be used to configure these two repeater models manufactured by Xiaomi. Read the instructions first and then continue with the tutorial steps.

What will it take?

  • Paper clip, needle, pin, or cell phone chip extractor (to reset the repeater).
  • Application for connecting the repeater to your wi-fi network (link and QR code, below in step by step).
  • A pre-configured wi-fi network.
  • A smartphone (Android or iOS) is connected to the same network.

Setting up and connecting the Xiaomi repeater to the Wi-Fi network

1 – First make sure that your Wi-Fi network is available and connected to the internet. Then, install the Mi Home app on your phone. You can scan the QR Code below, access the Play Store store for Android devices or the App Store for iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.).


2 – Depending on the Xiaomi Wi-Fi repeater model you purchased, plug into the outlet, or connect to a USB port (adapters, chargers, TV’s, notebook, etc.). For the amplified signal to look good, choose the most suitable location.

Xiaomi Wi-Fi repeater model

3 – After turning on the repeater for the first time, note that the indicator light will be flashing yellow, this indicates that it is not yet connected to the network.

 indicator light

4 – Now let’s reset the repeater. Press and hold the internal RESET button for 5 seconds until the light goes out and then flashes yellow again. To do this, insert a thin object into the small hole located on the back or front, in the case of a Xiaomi USB repeater. For example, use a paper clip (unfold it to form a straight end), needle, pin, or a chip puller.

RESET button

5 – After the reset, open the Mi Home application on the phone so that the repeater is automatically found. The repeater image will be displayed, tap “ Connect ” (Connect). Click “ Next ” (Next), select the wi-fi network, and enter the security password (the same one that is configured on the router) to finish.

enter the security password

6 – If the configuration was successful, the repeated LED will be stabilized in blue.

stabilized in blue

Note: If the repeater is not identified, apply the reset and repeat the steps again. If you need to make a manual connection, follow the steps below.

Connecting the Xiaomi repeater manually to the Wi-Fi network (Android and iOS)

If the alert message “ Connection failed ” appeared and you were unable to complete the installation of the repeater, do the following:

Em dispositivos Android:

  1. Reset the repeater, go to the app, and tap the “ + ” sign located in the right corner of the screen.
  2. Then on the next screen, tap the “ Add Manually ” option.
  3. In this section, select the category ” Home Security ” (Household Security) or type the device name in the search box.
  4. Select your repeater model, tap on the Wi-Fi network that will be used to repeat the signal, and enter the password.
  5. Click ” Next ” and wait for the configuration to complete.

wait for the configuration to complete.

On iOS devices:

  1. Access your phone’s Wi-Fi network settings.
  2. In the “available networks” section and tap on the name “ Xiaomi-repeater “.
  3. Then, return to the MH application to complete the connection.

On iOS devices

When the repeater light stays on in the blue repeater color, it means that it is already relaying your router’s wi-fi signal.

important information:

  • If the device was turned off due to power failure or disconnected, it will automatically connect to the same wireless network that was configured, as soon as the power is restored or when it is plugged in / connected.
  • If there are instabilities in the wifi signal sent by the repeater, in the app, go to Settings > Regions and change the country to “ Singapore “.
  • The repeater supports up to 24 simultaneous connections.
  • The Mi Wi-Fi Repeater 2 model works on any USB port.

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