Smart Watch How To Configure Haylou Solar LS05 - Guide

How To Configure Haylou Solar LS05 – Guide

Configure Haylou Solar LS05

The Haylou Solar LS05 for being a good and cheap smartwatch, it is already a champion of online sales. The battery can last up to 15 days even if the heart rate monitoring function is activated 24 hours.

With its sports sensor, the Haylou Solar LS05 accurately records and tracks all your workouts. It is also resistant to water, sweat, and rain, withstand up to 3 meters underwater, as it has an IP68 score.

The Call Reminder or Sedentariness functions, use notifications to warn the user about incoming calls on the phone or to warn you that you have been trimmed for a long time. Also, you will be able to activate or deactivate which applications you want to receive these notifications on the watch screen, this means that you will have more freedom, as it will not be necessary to keep asking for your smartphone so many times.

How to pair the Haylou Solar LS05

Before proceeding with our tutorial, here are some necessary actions you should take.

First steps:

  • Check that the watch battery is sufficiently charged, it must be at least 20%.
  • To connect you will need to install the “ Haylou Fit ” app on your phone first. To do this, scan the QR Code displayed on the clock screen or search for it on the Play Store.
  • After installing the app on your phone, accept all permissions, create or connect to an account using your Facebook, Google, or email profile.
  • Add your personal data related to your heightweightgender, etc.
  • Activate the cell phone’s “ Bluetooth ” function so that the smartwatch is located.

Pairing the Haylou Solar LS05:

  1. Open the Haylou Fit app and tap on “ Devices ” located on the tab below. And on the next screen, tap ” Select device “.
  2. Wait for the smartwatch to be searched and found, and then click on “ Haylou Solar ” (your watch’s Mac address will be displayed below).
  3. The phone pairing request will be displayed on the watch screen, so tap to confirm.
  4. After completing the steps, Haylou Solar LS05 will now be connected to your cell phone.

Configuring Haylou Fit functions

In this guide, you will see how to use the various functions of the Haylou Solar LS05 smartwatch and its application.

Enable or disable cardiac monitoring:

Cardiac monitoring started from the moment the watch is attached to the wrist and will be active 24 hours a day. Remember that the battery will be more required when turning on the function.

  • In the devices section of the application, tap on the option “ Heart rate monitoring ” and activate or deactivate the function key.

Call reminder:

Turn this function on to display information (number and name of the contact) on the phone screen on your watch screen.

  • Go to “ Devices ”, tap on this option, and activate the key on the side. Once set up, you can accept or decline a call right on the watch screen.

Enable notifications:

If you want to receive notifications from WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, and others on your watch, just follow the steps below.

  • Go to the ” Devices ” section and tap ” APP reminder ” and tap any of the apps.
  • On the next screen, activate the Haylou Fit slider.
  • Go back to the previous screen and select the apps that should send notifications to the watch.

Sedentary reminder:

Improve your health by being notified quickly, if you are for a period of time without moving.

  • From the device screen, touch “ Sedentary memory ”, turn on the side switch, and set the time to be notified.
  • Once this is done, you will be alerted whenever you remain stationary for more than 60 minutes.

Turn the screen on by rotating the arm:

Turn this function on to turn on the smartwatch screen automatically, whenever you check the time or notifications.

  • Touch “ Raise your hand to shine the screen ” and then activate the slide switch beside it, this change can also be made from the “Devices” screen.

Change watch face on the watch or app:

The Haylou Solar LS05 has several dials for you to change the look of your smartwatch whenever you want. The watch faces can be applied in different ways, through the app or on your smartwatch screen.

  • From the home screen clock, tap and hold for a few seconds, slide to the left, and select the desired display.
  • You can also make these changes by accessing the Haylou Fit app.

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