How to cast Poco M4 Pro screen to TV

Despite being little used, screen mirroring is a function that could be useful on many occasions.

It is usually used in the company, to show the photographs taken during the holiday that has just ended, or to watch all those contents that would be uncomfortable to view directly from the smartphone screen.

So how to connect Poco M4 Pro to the television? Fortunately for us, the operation is not difficult at all, indeed, quite the opposite.

This is because there are several methods of casting the Poco M4 Pro’s display on the TV. Each of it within everyone’s reach and that does not require any specific skills. Just what it does for us, right?

Project Poco M4 Pro screen on TV

In case you want to connect your Poco M4 Pro to the TV to perform screen mirroring (also called a cast) we recommend that you get comfortable on the sofa and continue reading today’s guide.

You will find all the information to transfer photos, videos (including YouTube), and other multimedia content directly to the television.

Connect Poco M4 Pro to Smart TV

The first procedure that we can perform to project the Poco M4 Pro display on the television is to use a Smart TV. Each of us now has one, so why not use it to see our favorite content on a big screen?

To transfer photos and videos from Poco M4 Pro to TV, all you have to do is lower the toggle curtain on your Poco M4 Pro and select the appropriate option, Screen Mirroring, Cast, Smart View, or MirrorShare.

The function name may differ depending on the Android version installed.

By tapping on the option you will then see a message appear on the TV. At this point, from the remote control-click on “accept” to confirm the pairing between the two devices.

Et voila! As you have seen, it only takes a few seconds to connect Poco M4 Pro to the Smart TV and broadcast the screen. Seeing is believing!

Connect Poco M4 Pro to TV with an HDMI cable

You don’t have any Smart TV but still want to project Poco M4 Pro’s screen on your non-Smart TV?

Don’t worry, we have a solution for that too. On the market, it is possible to buy special accessories, HDMI cables in this case, which allow you to connect Poco M4 Pro even to non-Smart TVs.

If you don’t already have one, we recommend that you rely on Amazon. The choice is wide and in a very short time, you will be able to take home the best HDMI cable for Poco M4 Pro currently out there.

For your convenience, we report below the box containing a version suitable for your smartphone with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Connect Poco M4 Pro to your TV without cable

One of the most used methods by those who perform screen mirroring to connect the Poco M4 Pro to the television is through the wireless mode, therefore without wires.

To transmit the Poco M4 Pro screen to your TV, you can use various devices, which allow you to create a direct connection between your telephone and television.

By doing so you will have the possibility to transfer all your favorite multimedia content, such as photos, movies, and videos from Poco M4 Pro to your TV. Here are the best accessories that allow you to connect and transmit your phone screen to the television wirelessly.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Without a doubt the most used medium to send the contents of your Poco M4 Pro to the TV.

The low and accessible cost makes the Amazon Fire TV Stick the best buy, without considering that it allows you to transform your television into a real multimedia center, which can be controlled directly from the voice remote control compatible with Alexa.

Miracast Airplay WiFi Dongle

Another excellent solution to transmit the Poco M4 Pro screen to the TV in a WiFi way is through a dongle.

The operation is really simple: connecting the device to the USB and HDMI port of the television will be sufficient to start the screen mirroring / transmission of the screen through the appropriate app.

We are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised because in this way you will be able to send all the multimedia content available on your Poco M4 Pro to the television.

It is equivalent to saying photographs and videos, but also video games, films, YouTube videos, and so on and so forth.

Google Chromecast

You already own the device made by Google designed specifically for streaming and are you wondering how to connect your Poco M4 Pro to Chromecast to project the screen on the television, maybe not Smart TV? Nothing simpler:

  1. Connect Chromecast to TV;
  2. Check that Chromecast and your smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network;
  3. Download and install the app Google Home on Poco M4 Pro;
  4. Once the configuration is complete, start screen mirroring directly from the app.

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Here we are also at the end of this guide, in which we have shown you all the methods to connect Poco M4 Pro to the TV and transmit the screen.

We hope that the article has been to your liking and has answered any doubts regarding the sending of multimedia content from your phone to your television.

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