How To Backup Samsung Galaxy J4

We know that it is necessary to keep the data on our mobile phone always saved. Creating a backup of your personal files before formatting your Samsung Galaxy J4, will ensure that nothing will be lost.

After creating your data backup, you can safely reset your phone, so everything will be stored online on Samsung Cloud or Google Drive. So you can do a restoration whenever you need it, even on another phone, if you sell the old one.

However, this is only possible if you have your Google account associated with your phone. Still, on the sale of the cell phone, it is important to remember that you must remove the account before formatting it, this will make the device unlocked for the new owner.

How to Backup and Restore data on Samsung Galaxy J4?

Follow the instructions below to back up all your data, it will be necessary to restore the files after formatting if necessary.

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  1. Tap the icon of the ” Secure Box ” to start the application.
  2. Select ” Settings ” and then tap ” Backup and restore “.
  3. Now that in ” Add account ” and register and enter your ” Samsung account “.
  4. Touch “ Back up Secure Folder data “.
  5. Check the items you want to back up and tap “ BACK UP NOW ”.
  6. Wait for the backup to complete.


After you have finished formatting and configured your phone, perform the steps below to restore the files and data saved in the backup.

  1. Launch the “ Safe Folder ” application. Then tap on “ Settings ” and then on “ Backup and restore “.
  2. Now tap on “ Restore ” and select a device and what types of data you will want to restore.
  3. After you have marked the data (files), tap on “ RESTORE NOW “.

Once this is done, all data that was selected by you will be automatically restored to your phone.

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