ACEFAST Crystal T3 Bluetooth headphones review

If you are looking for a pair of Bluetooth headphones to buy, then surely you have noticed that there are many models on the market, all appear similar to each other in characteristics and price.

You will have understood, therefore, that the choice is turning out to be more complicated than you expected. Fortunately, however, you came across our review!

In fact, below we will tell you about the new ACEFAST Crystal T3 Bluetooth headphones: a very interesting product with an excellent quality/price ratio. Read on to discover our impressions.

Pack 9

The headphones are sold in a complete and neat package. Inside we find everything we need: the headphones (placed in their beautiful transparent case), the USB Type C charging cable (the transformer is not included), the silicone rubber pads of different sizes (adaptable to any type of pavilion. headset), and the practical instruction booklet also containing the Italian language.

Design and materials 8.5

The design is very unique and interesting. The charging case is entirely made of transparent plastic which gives the product a captivating and unique look.

The case is small in size and does not bother when kept in a pocket. On the front there are, in addition to the logo, an LED that shows the charging status of the headphones.

The earphones are very light, ergonomic, and of good build quality. They are in-ear and resistant to water and sweat (IPX4). Thanks to them Ergonomic shape, fit perfectly into the ear cavity and they do not fall even with the most abrupt movements.

Both earphones are equipped with a microphone and are equipped on the top with touch controls that allow you to control the audio tracks (even the volume) and start the voice assistant of your smartphone. The controls may seem inaccurate at first, but after a while, you get used to it easily and you can do anything.

Features and audio quality 9

The pairing of the headphones is simple and immediate. After pairing for the first time, the devices will automatically connect each time they are taken out of the charging case.

Once the earphones were put on and the music started, the impressions were really positive. The audio quality is great, the sound is clean and the bass is very powerful. Qualcomm’s aptX lossless codec and 13mm driver enrich the sound in detail and analyze it thoroughly to improve its quality.

Thanks to Bluetooth 5.2 technology, the connection is stable and consumption is very low. The headphones allow up to 5 hours of continuous playback: a big difference compared to other similar devices.

The case contains a battery that allows you to recharge the earphones and has an autonomy of one week. The dock can then be quickly recharged via USB C.

Excellent quality even on call. The microphones are of high quality and are able to better capture the voice and reduce ambient noise, thanks to the advanced technology of noise reduction cVc 8.0.


These ACEFAST Crystal T3 Bluetooth headphones are really a great product, with an interesting quality/price ratio. The brand was a real surprise and also offers technical support in Italy.

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